Meet Ireyna:

Welcome! I’m Ireyna Parker.

I got my start in the fitness industry when I started my first gym membership over 20 years ago at Club One Fitness. 

My Fitness Instructor Anna, who I can still say to this day, was the most motivating and amazing instructor that I’ve ever had. Her energy just glowed like a ray of sunshine, which was extremely contagious. I was like her little sidekick firecracker in every class, helping her get the other students motivated.

Anna saw something in me and mentioned that I had the perfect personality to become a trainer. She said “ Ireyna, I’m going to get my personal trainer certification and you should come with me” …and I did. I took the course and passed the test.

But Life got busy and I stopped going to that particular gym for some reason…

 Then one day I got a phone call saying that Anna was terminal due to having Lue Gehrig’s disease. It was very sad to see such a young, strong, and vibrant woman deteriorate so quickly.

After Anna passed, I didn’t think about becoming a personal trainer anymore, in fact, I started working as a preschool teacher, then eventually a nanny.

3 years later…

One day, I was sitting in my room with tears in my eyes. I felt so confused about where my life was headed and I needed direction, I knew that I didn’t want to be a preschool teacher or a nanny, but I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Something strange happened…

As I was sitting in my room feeling very confused, depressed, and just lost. I needed direction…some kind of sign or inspiration telling me what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I started going through some papers in a box; I think I was looking for my resume or something. Then I found a paper…

Folded up in a small envelope, was a letter from Anna. It read. “Ireyna, here’s a list of gyms that accept our certification.”

In 2007,  I started working part-time as a trainer at Bally Total Fitness, and in 2008, I was offered a promotion as a Fitness Director and decided to take the full-time position. Fast forward to 2013. I started my own business.

Thanks to Anna, I now know where I belong.


Boss Lady Fitness is a 100% virtual company dedicated to Helping busy women who struggle with losing weight achieve successful, permanent weight loss; without spending countless hours in the kitchen, stepping foot in a gym, or giving up the foods they love. 

What do you do when you get discouraged? Bored? Tired? What do you do when you want to give up? Coaching with Ireyna will help you know what you are changing and why. You won’t be one of the 95% of people who after they lose weight, gain it back again. My coaching program is about designing your life for a change and changing yourself from the inside out.

The faster I can show you how to change your thinking about diet, exercise, and your self-image, the faster you’ll be able to get and stay motivated and focus your time on living a happier, more fulfilled life!



Change your mindset, change your body, change your life!

It’s that simple!

Losing weight is not just a physical problem, but is also emotional, spiritual, and psychological. You can say that things are easy, or they are hard. It’s your choice. So I want to encourage you to begin to think with the right approach, Can be easy!

Coaching with Boss Lady Fitness is a way to channel back to the best training, resources, and tools I’ve created over the past decade to make weight loss coaching accessible to as many people as possible.